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Colonel Marc and the Lady Colonel

  "The Green" with century old pecan trees - North 

Beth and Marc are both retired Lieutenant Colonels

Colonel Beth has been a military instructor pilot for many years and holds an MBA from one of the most prestigious and old European universities. Just before her retirement she managed multi-million-dollar budgets for an overseas international military organization. She is a certified equestrian arts instructor and today directs Angel Oaks Farm. A couple of years ago she has been putting her talents at the service of an ever growing JROTC program in a nearby County High School and became their first "Lady Colonel". Lately she is heavily involved in the local airport revitalization and has finalized her Master of Public Administration studies at the UGA.







Colonel Marc was born in Europe and, no wonder as such, is multilingual. He ended his career as a Foreign Affairs Counselor in a diplomat position at the United Nations in Manhattan.
He worked for many years in multinational organizations as an operational and strategic planner and as a young officer was commanding officer of several field hospitals.